Saving lives + Protecting property

D+H is the leading company for system solutions in the smoke and heat exhaust ventilation area.

A person can go days without eating or drinking, but only seconds without sufficient air. Therefore, the greatest danger for people when a building is on fire is the smoke and poisonous flue gas. In case of fire, an efficient smoke and heat exhaust ventilation (SHEV) reliably dissipates heat, smoke and toxic gasses. This keeps escape and emergency routes smoke-free. Fire brigades and emergency workers can reach the source of the fire efficiently and evacuate people quickly. This saves lives in case of emergency. Additionally, building damage is reduced significantly and property within this low-smoke layer is largely protected from smoke and soot. If smoke and heat development is reported by the sensors in a building, intelligent smoke extraction solutions from D+H open windows and skylights immediately in the upper wall or ceiling area. At the same time, other windows are closed to prevent smoke from penetrating into the areas not affected by the fire. As one of the first companies that used the motorised smoke vent and the first manufacturer of a certified smoke vent, we have comprehensive experience on the market. From extracting smoke from a stairwell to complex SHEV requirements for large buildings: D+H always provides a cost-effective, customised and safe system solution. Modular and digital.