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K-LOCK 24V 600N

K-LOCK 24V 600N
K-LOCK 24V 600N
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K-LOCK 24V 600N
K-LOCK 24V 600N
K-LOCK 24V 600N

K-LOCK is the result of Nekos development concerning the automatic locking of windows, curtain walls and doors. An electric lock with integrated electronic control, able to identify at any time the status of the whole window/actuator/locking system and to perform the correct opening/closing sequence. ▪ The power (600 N when running and 850 N when starting) ensures highly reliable operation even in harsh conditions. ▪ A low current consumption (0,85 A) and silent functioning are its essential characteristics. ▪ Manufactured in aluminium with compact dimensions (25x25 mm). Easy and quick to install, both at sight and flush mounted. Electronic adjustment of the stroke by means of dip-switches. ▪ Combined with the perimeter hardware of the window (with or without actuators), it is an excellent burglar-proof window lock and, thanks to perfect closure of the sash, it also guarantees high thermal insulation values. ▪ The accessory with the 90° fork is available upon request (see drawing “A”) - cod. 9800122. ▪ The BK-LOCK version is used only in combination with 24V KATO (except KATO 253) and KIMO actuators.

TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS (Functional and mechanical features)

  • Electromechanical lock for centralised operation of window perimeter fittings, in association with prepared chain actuators or by itself in burglar-proof applications.
  • Power control over the entire stroke with safety stop in the event of overload.
  • Electronic opening and closing stroke-end; stroke selectable with dip-switches.
  • Can be connected in parallel with other K-LOCKs and actuators with Syncro3 technology (Nekos patent) up to a total of eight units.
  • Complies with EU directives (EMC Directive, Low Voltage Directive). • Anodised aluminium housing, with PVC cable and metal fixing heads.
Electrical parameters
Consumption current, A 0,85 A / 1,2 A Starting
Power voltage,V 24V DC
Power absorbed, W 20 W
Technical specifications
Protection index for electrical devices IP40
Strokes, mm 18 mm / 36 mm
Thrust force, N 600 N - 850 N starting force
Working temperature -20°C - +70°C
Type of service 5 cycles
Electrical insulation Class III
Duration of load stroke, s 4 s (18 mm) - 7,2 s (36 mm)
Load speed, mm/s 5 mm/s
Traction force, N 600 N - 850 N starting force
Physical parameters
Material Extruded aluminium alloy
Weight, kg 0,560 Kg
Dimensions 25,5x25,5x357 mm

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