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K-DARK is an actuator derived from K-LOCK, designed for opening and closing louvre windows, shutters, sunshades and jalousies. The product’s great versatility allows it to be installed whether surface- or flush-mounted on any window of the above mentioned types. ▪ The power (500 N when running and 850 N when starting) ensures highly reliable operation even in harsh conditions. ▪ Equipped with sophisticated electronics with microprocessor, it’s characterised by low current consumption (0.85 A) and silent functioning. ▪ Upon request, it is possible to modify the strokes (fixed strokes 50 and 72 mm), the force, the opening/closing speed. Moreover a stroke-end signal can also be provided. ▪ It can be installed alone or combined with other K-DARK actuators using Syncro3 technology (Nekos patent). ▪ Manufactured in aluminium with compact dimensions (25x25 mm). Easy and quick to install, both at sight and flush mounted. Electronic adjustment of the strokes by means of dip-switches. ▪ If necessary, several locks can be synchronised in order to obtain a perfect alignment.

TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS (Functional and mechanical features) • Linear actuator for opening louvred windows, solar shading blades and jalousies. • 24V DC power supply, 600 N power (850 on starting) and power control during the entire stroke, with safety stop in the event of overload. • Electronic stroke-end for opening and closing. Strokes selectable with dip-switches. • Can be connected in parallel with other K-DARKs and/or actuators with Syncro3 technology (Nekos patent) up to a total of eight units. • Complies with EU directives (EMC Directive, Low Voltage Directive). • Anodised aluminium housing, with PVC cable and metal fixing heads.

Electrical parameters
Consumption current, A 0,85 A / 1,2 A Starting
Power voltage,V 24V DC
Power absorbed, W 20 W
Technical specifications
Protection index for electrical devices IP40
Thrust force, N 500 N - 850 N starting force
Working temperature -10°C - +70°C
Type of service 5 cycles
Electrical insulation Class III
Duration of load stroke, s 4 s (18 mm) - 7,2 s (36 mm)
Load speed, mm/s 5 mm/s
Traction force, N 500 N - 850 N starting force
Physical parameters
Material Extruded aluminium alloy
Weight, kg 0,560 Kg
Dimensions 25,5x25,5x357 mm

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